What is Soulful Living?

What does it mean to live from your soul? It’s understandable that is sounds difficult to do.  Nowadays people have been thriving off of pleasing everyone else or doing what someone else wants them to do.  With outside influences playing a major role in your plans and goals, it only encourages you to second-guess what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and will enhance fear based thoughts that will keep you stuck and confused. When we approach our life with that mindset, it becomes really easy to focus on the needs of others and stray away from our individual road map. 

What some people haven’t fully grasped yet, is if you live from your soul, the route to your purpose will be accelerated.  It allows for your intuition, natural abilities and talent to lead your life. You learn who you are and what direction you should go, the need to always listen to your thinking man and or ego will be decreased. When your soul speaks it may tell you to do a thing that your head doesn’t agree with.  Imagine someone who continues to yearn to have a career as a professional singer, but their head and everyone else tells them all the reasons why it could never happen.  As they get older the dream becomes elusive and the idea of pursuing it sounds silly, because now they are too old. That’s a person that didn’t follow their (soul) dream.

Our souls carry our dreams and greatest accomplishments.  Your soul will only speak to you and doesn’t promote hurting others.  It’s your positive contribution to the world; it’s what some people call your foot print.  Using that footprint allows your life to become limitless and encourages you to build on your dream.  The great thing about using your soul to guide you is no one else is privy to what’s inside of you and you can trust what it tells you.  The journey you must take to get there is your greatest asset because it prepares you and with that you gain wisdom, passion, experience and inner-peace.  You become fully aware that your soul is guiding you and holds the dream, that dream lets you know that there is greatness in you and keeps you going when others don’t always agree with your plans.

You must remember that you are never too old, too dumb or too depressed to live from your soul.  Sit alone with yourself, feel and listen to who you really are.  You will not only be amazed but you will love the path that was given to you. Getting in tune with your soul... promises a life that is enhanced with joy and incredible success.


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