Rest Your Soul

Our soul is the connector to God that enables us to hear by spirit and directs us while on the journey. It deals directly with the heart, conscience, spirit and purpose. Through the soul we are equipped to live in harmony with each other and are called to partner in life so that we acquire the lessons and wisdom that are learned as a result of all the shared experiences. Encounters in life are for the elevation of the soul. At times in life we meet people who need our help and others who can help us. Everyone may not have the best intentions so we must always stay centered in the soul to have discernment and make decisions according to what your soul says. 

The difficulties in remaining centered while you live life are possibly the people you have to partner with; you may not always be excited about their personality or character. Some come in the form of assignments, meaning those are the ones who need a spiritual lesson, support and patience from you. Others are there to direct you further down the path of your destiny and strengthen your ability to deal with people. If you find yourself in situations like these that is when it is critical for your soul to remain centered. If a soul is un-centered it is unsure of what temptation are worth resisting and what sacrifices are worth making. 

A person can become guided by fear and doubt, due to being in a “physical frenzy” and continue to make decisions that counter the destiny that is set before them. Going internal or in solitude gives a soul the space for insight, healing and strength. The entire being will rest in God and not be concerned with the physicality of life. Continuing to be in physical frenzy can cause the same lesson to repeat in our lives. Take rest in your soul because if you don’t you may encounter situations that force you to question God or lead you down the path of confusion. We have the ability to be pro-active in our own lives and get in touch with the soul. When we keep going without rest for the soul or fight against it that is when things fall apart and you are forced to rest so that things can fall into place. It only takes you, so get to know your soul.


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