Core of Your Spirit, LLC was founded in 2014 by Arlene Ramona Gordon.  The idea was born through the spiritual journey that Arlene underwent and was led to search her own soul. In the course of learning and growing spiritually she studied books by Gary Zukav, Karen Armstrong, Marianne Williamson, Azim Khamisa and many more. In 2010 Arlene was given the opportunity to attend St. John’s University, a Jesuit institution in Queens, New York.  While a student at St. John’s Arlene studied theology, philosophy and metaphysical science.  In 2014 she was ordained a minister by the Universal Life Church, and was appointed the title Spiritual Counselor. 

Core of Your Spirit recognizes the light in each human being and is called to awaken the soul and ignite the flame that burns in each of us.  The flame that we each carry for our soul print and that directs the course of our lives.  Core of Your Spirit believes that if you live from your innermost being, you will live out your life plan and meet with your destined role for life.  With conversational mentoring you will be able to unmask what is hindering you from overcoming certain obstacles, be encouraged to try certain techniques applicable to your individual soul make-up and be given the necessary tools to reflect back on who you are at the core of your spirit. Knowing your soul purpose allows you to bypass life’s pitfalls and gain knowledge on who you really are. Live from your soul passionately!

Core of Your Spirit does not practice or follow any particular religious belief or faith or is associated with a person of a particular religion.  

Arlene Ramona Gordon
Spiritual Counselor-Universal Life Church



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