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Illuminati Fanaticism

So is the present day Illuminati real or not, in the way that it’s been popularized? No it’s not, it’s a false belief made up by people spreading propaganda. The myth of Illuminati has been promoted for almost thirty years and imagines a secret society or the “Elite” approaching a person seeking fame, fortune or power and agrees to grant them their request. The catch is, they must sell their soul to the Illuminati; in agreement they are bound to keep the organizations “secret”  and have personal involvement in sacrificial rituals. If the “secret is revealed then expect to be murdered. Many celebrities have been alleged to have joined Illuminati or have been accused of sacrificing family members for fame and fortune and having secret codes that demonstrate solidarity to the Illuminati. For instance, the hand gesture with the index and thumb making a circle and three fingers up, used to mean “ok” but now, has evolved into placing the circle on top of the eye. The Roc-A-Fella hand gest…

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