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Why are you an Empath?

What is an Empath? It is a spiritual skill that enables a person to feel the intentions & underlying emotions of other people. It can be considered a gift that gives a person a way of feeling deeper and is sometimes classified as clairsentient or a gut feeling. Empath’s are endowed with having a massive amount of empathy or they feel what someone else is feeling, like putting yourself in their shoes and knowing exactly what they are going through, a keen automatic knowing that can sometimes arise in the gut. It’s usually the thing that everyone acknowledges as the “something told me.”
The essence of being an extremely deep feeling person comes from using the soul, even when you don’t know you are using it. The heartfelt feeling guides you to being a helper, intuitive listener, problem solver, in control of your own choices and the person that understands someone else’s plight. Although, the soul is used in this skill of deeper feeling, it had to have a root cause of why it was esta…

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