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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Before you ask Father for another blessing, healing, prosperity or relationship....Consider how God feels

Sunday, January 14, 2018


All Spirits are allowed to experience in the world through Reincarnation, to become better in the Soul and Personality.  You were born (incarnated) into the world to live out a purpose and plan filled with lessons and tests. You should be navigating through those experiences and lessons, with integrity and selflessness, so that your soul and personality can ascend (mature).  

When you “die” you return to Heaven,  you earn the privilege to rise to a higher level (ascend) due to growing into maturity and the shedding off of bad tendencies, like phobias, bigotry, malevolent behavior and other character flaws that hinder you or any other from advancing in life.  You are a Spirit...You ARE NOT Black, White, Asian, Christian, Catholic, Hindu.  You are translucent (see-through) underneath the flesh and their is no religion in Heaven. You were created with a soul and personality, your soul is behind your heart within your spirit. The purpose of maturing in soul and personality is beneficial to Your Spirit, I Father God, Hierarchy of Heaven and Fellow Spirits.  Pure survival in the world is useless and you all have forgotten, that you return repeatedly and experience different ethnicities, races, economic classes, countries, genders and religions. You are not who you are right now. You have been many different “persons” while incarnated in the world through many lifetimes. You come from Heaven and will return to Heaven.

You All act as if you were allowed into the world to just "live your life,"  through “free-will.”  I Father God Creator of All want to inform you, that is not what you are alive for, you have tainted your “free-will” and have not ascended in a beneficial way.  The world is consumed with selfishness, hostility, greed, jealousy, superficiality, racism, etc.  In present day, I have not seen anything of worthiness created. Quality in artistry is secondary and has declined,  business dealings are filled with lust and greed, churches will not aid the underserved population, they just want tithes to maintain their lifestyle. Inventions have been filled with impartiality and greed; as the IPhone is useless, if only the rich can afford it. Creations that allow mass consumption are innovative and pleasing, electricity gives light to the world, cures for terminal illnesses extends the lifetime of many,  amicable ways to work together without jealousy and oppression, ensures all are safe and provided for.  Many Spirits are returning to Heaven traumatized by homelessness, government systems, murder, enslavement, political corruption, abuse, poverty, etc.  All injustices and maltreatment are brought about by you All …...You do this to each other.

Lucifer/Satan is NO MORE. The Angel who turned against me, has been annihilated to nothingness.  Blame can no longer be shifted; you are responsible for your behaviors and actions that are displayed while in the world. You are responsible for how you treat All Spirits that you are experiencing this lifetime with. You ALL have become filled with love life, money, career, politics, insecurities, book knowledge, appearance, religion, etc. Harming another Spirit to ensure your survival arises in your daily encounters and I Father God Creator of All... want you... All to know I see how you treat each other; in Heaven and the World.  While in Heaven you claim, unity and in “life” you use the world as your place of personal retribution towards a Spirit you were displeased with while you both were in Heaven. I command, that it all STOPS NOW.  I will no longer allow reincarnation for all Spirits.  The world is not a place for Spirits to get their “pay back,”  you will no longer come into the world and do nothing, as you are comfortable in your daily routines and become stagnant in life.  What can I gain from you doing NOTHING and HURTING each other?

Your job is to live out your life plan and aid your fellow Spirit.  You must use your soul and be better in your decisions, compassion and intentions while living in the world. Change those underlying behaviors that increase tension and strife for yourself and others.  You must create and work in harmony with those you are assigned to.  Use your soul as your guide.  Stay out of your head, always thinking and judging.  Believe in more than what your two eyes see.  Spirits will not be able to “fix it” when they “die” and return to Heaven, you must be better NOW while living and breathing in present day. If you fail to change and do not become better in your deeds, thoughts and actions, then understand you have made the decision. You will NOT be included in the bigger picture. Understand....NO MORE REINCARNATION… it was never my plan to leave MY WORLD as it is.  I AM Supernatural,  I parted the Red Sea and CANNOT be minimized.

I Father God Creator of All, My Beloved Daughter, My Beloved Son are Unified. We are One.  Trust and know, that as God we are actively removing and shifting all darkness and will heal ALL ills of the world.  The world as you know it, will be renewed.  All will benefit from the supernatural changes and occurrences.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Twin Flame Project Has Concluded

Those of you that are spiritually conscious and have committed to ascension at this time was once commanded to pair up with your Twin Flame.
During the course of meeting and connecting with the Twin Flame many Masculine and Feminine have experienced an abundance of heartache and self-doubt.  They have been met with narcissistic, pessimistic, immature, emotional,  inconsistent and inconsiderate behavior from a person that is supposed to be their perfect match and created with them as one.  Many have questioned "Is this person right for me?"  "Are they genuinely interested in me?"  "Is she really this nice?"  "Can I have a future with someone that doesn't seem vested?"  "Do I behave that way?"  When "Red Flags" appear and you won't question anything, you are actually betraying and overlooking your soul.

Twin Flame masculines will say really harsh things and as their other-half you believe that withholding your opinion is teaching you "something,"  it is not teaching you anything but to be subservient and unsure of  yourself.  As the masculine, you may feel that she feels comfortable and it will feel like instant euphoria, but still you question, the feminines accommodating behavior.  The union becomes rocky due to the feminines overly "emotional" behavior, which lends to your exhaustion, irritability, confusion and disregard.  You continue to have doubt in the back of your mind and with that comes the running (ignoring) from the feminine.  You learn to block out what you choose not to confront and disregard your soul.  Masculine ask yourself, if you are really satisfied with the Feminine?  Your doubt and maltreatment of the Feminine speaks volumes and says,  no to her and the union.  You innately know that your behavior isn't ideal and what you desire to be within a loving union. 

If you are successful in your Twin Flame union then it can be filled with altering your personality to please and accommodate someone you are to be with, for all eternity.  Challenges also arise, when you take an interest in someone but are apprehensive due to being bound by a promise and commitment you made before you incarnated into the world as who you are now.  Many Twin Flames are waiting for their other-half to leave a marriage,  some are waiting for their other-half to move across the country and some are waiting for their other-half to "act" better.  It was said that all Twin Flames must overcome barriers before union can take place and at that time they would ascend to 5-D.  Ascension has been delayed because most of the Twin Flames are confused and in distress, many are still 4-D.  They are concerned about coming into union with their other-half and this is where their focus remains. 5-D Ascension has moved to the background and this "broken love" with someone they have to fight with, for love and attention has taken dominance and has interfered with connecting with the soul.  This ascension project has contributed to Masculine and Feminine becoming distracted and has stifled their ability to listen to their individual soul and create monumentally as well as effortlessly.  No more Twin Flame........ it is now OVER, Heaven has commanded, STOP PURSUING THE UNION NOW..... LEAVE IT ALONE.

While in Heaven you wanted to ascend higher by taking on highly difficult lessons and experiences.    In consideration of all the detrimental consequences and injuries to the soul, Father God and the Hierarchy of Heaven have rescinded all Twin Flame obligations.  The Twin Flame pairing no longer encourages rapid ascension and it has been observed by Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels that spiritual growth is delayed due to the soul of a Masculine and/or Feminine being altered to fit the "perfect match" union.  The depth of consciousness can no longer be stifled and delayed because a soul is injured and in distress over an intimate relationship, set in place to ascend you at a rapid rate while in the world.  The union is doing the opposite and both parties are overwhelmed with grief and consistently question if they are following their soul plan.  Heaven has set a decree and you will not be penalized nor judged in your decision to walk away from the Twin Flame union.  Although, their will no longer be any more Twin Flame, ALL are still responsible for ascending to 5-D but will receive lessons in an alternate way.  Your commitment and effort have been acknowledged with the Twin Flame project.  You all have done well, you remained steadfast, you believed even when it didn't look like it and now you have ascended to 4-D and will receive another spiritual gift while incarnated in the world.    

Obligate your time to YOUR soul.  Meditate, analyze your dreams, connect with your respective Spirit Guide, Guardian Angels and Soul Family in Heaven for further instruction on how you should use your soul during this Ascension period.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Letter To My Spirits.......FATHER GOD

It’s 2017 and if you are living in the world, then you are a spirit created by Father God and you need to know that, the end times are here….It may not seem like it, you may not believe it, or you may think the end of the world would not take place in your lifetime. It can happen, but in actuality the ending is the new beginning for the world and for all spirits in Heaven. Most say they believe in Father God, the only creator, but if you really believe, ask yourself this; would a magnanimous God create spirits and create a world, then just go away in the background to obscurity and not have an opinion about the spirits he commanded to create and to live upright within the world? We believe that Father is all knowing, then why is it not taken serious that we spirits who are in the world come from heaven with a purpose and instructions to be the best spirit by living through the soul. Spirits are all here on “purpose” meaning they have a designed task that must be accomplished before returning to heaven. On the command of Father God we have the assistance of Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Elders, Council, as well as our soul family in heaven. They are all working on our behalf, on the command of Father God who is the Chief Executive and Operating Officer of the universe. That means Earth, Uranus, Mars, Orion, Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Moon, Stars, Weather, Seasons, etc. he runs and owns it all. Ponder for a moment, how much work Father God puts in to keeping humanity safe from harm, ensuring that things work out in the form of happiness, “blessings,” success and life being bountiful for all spirits? You get love, family, fame, career, money and more. Spirits that have been blessed monetarily while living in the world are commanded to give money to spirits they encounter with a need and then there are spirits blessed with spiritual gifts like knowing, hearing, seeing and feeling, they are commanded by Father to impart spiritual wisdom abiding in integrity and truth. 

When it’s all said and done you will not be able to take material possessions with you to Heaven and those things you have become attached to while living in the world will be of no concern or importance to you once your spirit crosses over and returns to heaven. Heaven is home to all spirits and when the last breath is taken, spirits advance and ascend to heaven with a continuation of lessons and soul advancement.  What’s forgotten while incarnate (living) in the world is that it’s takes a joint effort of all the spirits in heaven and in the world to aid Father God in managing and maintaining every spirit, every universal terrain, every spirits safety while in the world and heaven, because yes there are demonic forces in the atmosphere that work against goodness and peaceful outcomes. The demonic forces can come in the form of those who are innately evil and do harm to others all the while walking and sleeping with innately good spirits everyday. They are the spirits whose energy makes you feel off, because they are dark in thoughts and deeds. If you pay attention you will observe that they are the spirits who do not question their actions and who are innately jealous of other spirits who are living their life purpose. The innately good (intuitive) spirits listen to commands through good thoughts, actions and ideas. They are the spirits that go over and beyond the call of duty, they honor the value of life by being a helper in the world.  They are called Earth Angels, Crystals, Indigos and Lightworkers. They innately transmute negative energy from coming into your space, as well as theirs. They are not only in the church, as Father God is not only in the church. 

Father God has commanded the “Mega Church” to give back to his spirits, if they see a need within humanity they must consistently rise to the call whether it be FREE clothing, food, childcare, bill payment, advocating, teaching, etc. The key word is consistent, not just during natural disasters or Sunday service, because the need in the world is ongoing. Each church has a gift and they are not expected to do anything outside of their scope of expertise or gifting. Churches that are good at business can work within humanity with training entrepreneurs to run their very own business, advocate on behalf of their community for the government to provide free food programs. While you attend church and give your tithes (10%) to the pastor’s organization do you ever consider how your church serves those in humanity where you clearly see the impact they are making with the spirits that request help? Churchgoers attending church with the promise of receiving prosperity and trying to redeem themselves through a pastor, which they are not a conduit to Father God, but a spirit created like you, traveling alongside of you during your lifetime. 

What is church being used for and how should Father feel about a jet being purchased, so a pastor can travel between states and countries to collect more tithes? There are numerous homeless spirits living on the street all over the country and if you trust Father God then you know you will never go without. If he plans for you to go without, know that his grace is sufficient in times of trouble and that Father has you in the good and the bad. That is pure abandonment of your wishes and totally trusting in Father; if you are commanded to sell the jet and build a “Mega Homeless Shelter,” would you do that? Father wants leaders to have the kind of trust that enables him to work through them, devoid of the outcome being directed by their efforts. Once the promise (blessing, prosperity, love relationship, etc.) is delivered, you no longer follow the command of Father God, he is being tuned out and your comfortability takes precedence over his will.  Praying and seeking direction all the way through, but once it arrives guidance and direction are no longer needed. All spirits are to be provided for and it takes spirits who have the means to be their brother’s keeper. 

Brother’s Keeper is not just your parent’s child but those who are in the world with you at this time, the spirits you see on the street and are clearly homeless, those that are in need of a hand up and those that may need a good listener, who utilizes their soul to give spiritually sound advice, which leads to a favorable outcome. Remember Father is a spirit and we all know Father uses people, animals and children who are called to fulfill a need. If you can do good for someone, then you are commanded to do good, with a gesture of benevolence. Whatever is in your power to do, do it with the right motives and intentions, nothing goes remiss when dealing with spirit; what you put out there is observed and reciprocity is activated for your highest good, but if your intent is led by what you can receive or what you will gain through manipulation then you should abandon the notion of receiving your blessing or promise. Spirits that are sent to you, are your assignment (test); your service to them advances your soul.  When you return to Heaven you are placed on a higher level spiritually, the key is to use your soul instead of your thoughts to pass the test. 

If you as a spirit cannot uphold your side of the deal, which is to create for the highest good and be benevolent then why should Father God take a front row seat in your life? You pray for healing, financial gain, the perfect mate, loyalty of others, a home, etc., yet you are standoffish and mean to your fellow spirit. You ask Father God for what you need, ask Father first, what can I do to make your job easier, how can I serve and honor you today or is there anyone you want me to bless or be nice to? Father is not pleased, nor impressed with the condition of the spirits who return to him broken, because of their interactions with fellow spirits in the world who harm them. Spirits that return to Heaven tell Father who, what and where it happened in addition to what role they played in having tragedy or chaos occur during their lifetime in the world. If Father allows the world to keep going in the direction that it is going, then all he did as Jesus would be in vain, so it must be done now. Spirits in the world will hear from Father God individually as humanity is catapulted into a new beginning that starts in 2017, a one numerical year. Spirits must remember Father is always with you, as he was in the clouds during the 2001 World Trade Center disaster. Spirit is not temporal, it is eternal. The time is now. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

What is Soulful Living?

What does it mean to live from your soul? It’s understandable that is sounds difficult to do.  Nowadays people have been thriving off of pleasing everyone else or doing what someone else wants them to do.  With outside influences playing a major role in your plans and goals, it only encourages you to second-guess what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and will enhance fear based thoughts that will keep you stuck and confused. When we approach our life with that mindset, it becomes really easy to focus on the needs of others and stray away from our individual road map. 

What some people haven’t fully grasped yet, is if you live from your soul, the route to your purpose will be accelerated.  It allows for your intuition, natural abilities and talent to lead your life. You learn who you are and what direction you should go, the need to always listen to your thinking man and or ego will be decreased. When your soul speaks it may tell you to do a thing that your head doesn’t agree with.  Imagine someone who continues to yearn to have a career as a professional singer, but their head and everyone else tells them all the reasons why it could never happen.  As they get older the dream becomes elusive and the idea of pursuing it sounds silly, because now they are too old. That’s a person that didn’t follow their (soul) dream.

Our souls carry our dreams and greatest accomplishments.  Your soul will only speak to you and doesn’t promote hurting others.  It’s your positive contribution to the world; it’s what some people call your foot print.  Using that footprint allows your life to become limitless and encourages you to build on your dream.  The great thing about using your soul to guide you is no one else is privy to what’s inside of you and you can trust what it tells you.  The journey you must take to get there is your greatest asset because it prepares you and with that you gain wisdom, passion, experience and inner-peace.  You become fully aware that your soul is guiding you and holds the dream, that dream lets you know that there is greatness in you and keeps you going when others don’t always agree with your plans.

You must remember that you are never too old, too dumb or too depressed to live from your soul.  Sit alone with yourself, feel and listen to who you really are.  You will not only be amazed but you will love the path that was given to you. Getting in tune with your soul... promises a life that is enhanced with joy and incredible success.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What is Joy?

The essence of Joy starts in the spirit; it is something that every human being carries within their soul.  It can’t be made or created, it just is.  It is a deeper appreciation for life and is not affected by what is going on around you.  It is an inherent feeling that all is well.  You can’t use happiness as a gauge to measure joy, because the circumstances haven’t changed but you are not bothered internally.  That is what joy is, it’s nothing we have to pull up or make happen that is the beauty of it.  Joy is a soul gift that we are given in order to maintain in life.  Things are going to happen but if you carry joy in your spirit, you will let go of circumstances quicker. Your feelings will not be ruled by your emotions that is when you know that joy has taken over.  Your joy is strengthened by positive thoughts and when you continue to be positive about any circumstance, looking at the bright side of things this activates and strengthens your soul gift of joy.  Joy encourages you to live life with an open heart and when you are walking with an open heart you are bound to make positive changes in your life and environment.  Joy will have you bust out in a song for no apparent reason or wake with a song in your heart.  Having joy opens you up to wanting to make the world a better place because you see the beauty in it all.  Keep those positive thoughts flowing and remain optimistic so that you can strengthen the soul gift of joy. With that all the people you encounter will be touched by your measure of joy.  Now that’s a cool gift!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rest Your Soul

Our soul is the connector to God that enables us to hear by spirit and directs us while on the journey. It deals directly with the heart, conscience, spirit and purpose. Through the soul we are equipped to live in harmony with each other and are called to partner in life so that we acquire the lessons and wisdom that are learned as a result of all the shared experiences. Encounters in life are for the elevation of the soul. At times in life we meet people who need our help and others who can help us. Everyone may not have the best intentions so we must always stay centered in the soul to have discernment and make decisions according to what your soul says. 

The difficulties in remaining centered while you live life are possibly the people you have to partner with; you may not always be excited about their personality or character. Some come in the form of assignments, meaning those are the ones who need a spiritual lesson, support and patience from you. Others are there to direct you further down the path of your destiny and strengthen your ability to deal with people. If you find yourself in situations like these that is when it is critical for your soul to remain centered. If a soul is un-centered it is unsure of what temptation are worth resisting and what sacrifices are worth making. 

A person can become guided by fear and doubt, due to being in a “physical frenzy” and continue to make decisions that counter the destiny that is set before them. Going internal or in solitude gives a soul the space for insight, healing and strength. The entire being will rest in God and not be concerned with the physicality of life. Continuing to be in physical frenzy can cause the same lesson to repeat in our lives. Take rest in your soul because if you don’t you may encounter situations that force you to question God or lead you down the path of confusion. We have the ability to be pro-active in our own lives and get in touch with the soul. When we keep going without rest for the soul or fight against it that is when things fall apart and you are forced to rest so that things can fall into place. It only takes you, so get to know your soul.

Friday, February 27, 2015

That's Not Your Reality

You have a dream, but you don’t know how it’s going to manifest.  You are sure that your spirit spoke it to you, you see it, you feel it, but where is it?  When you look at your surroundings and your daily grind to provide for yourself as well as your family your reality says put it on hold.  You know that you can’t leave your only source of income, whether it’s a job or a hustle, how could you afford to live if you pursued this dream.  Silly you, thinking about something “BIG” while your current existence resonates how are you going to get there?  Hum, you could get a loan, grant or borrow from family.  So, you decide to try all three and lo and behold none of them fall through.   So now what?  Time goes on and you find your dream becoming more and more elusive, due to stagnant steps and life. 

Scenarios like this occur in the lives of those who know there is more and decide to answer the call. Everything that you try works against you and all that you are trying to create and accomplish.  Frustration and hopelessness can be a familiar feeling and that only seems to cloud and suppress the dream.  Could it be possibly that the dream is set for a particular time or place?  Yes, that may be it and now what?  In all of this you are certainly learning patience, and you hear that patience is good.  To wait is one of the hardest things because you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place.  Believe it or not, the waiting is the best period because at that time you are planting seeds, gaining knowledge, obtaining wisdom and gathering the life skills that you need to sustain you while implanted in your destiny.  You will meet all kinds of people along the way that God will use to make you better, never bitter.  These encounters can be lifelong connections or chance meetings that add to the journey and final destination.  

When God allows thing to be delayed, it’s never a no to the dream, it doesn’t abort or is given to someone else.  These times serve as the building blocks within the entire scheme of things.  The dream may not unfold or happen the way you think it should, it can come during chaos or when you have nothing in the pot to attain it.  Trust the stagnation and utilize your spirit in everything.  Allow your spirit to keep you at peace when you are anxious, take the necessary steps daily to bring you closer to the dream and  remember that you already see and feel it, rest in the fact that it’s here already you are just in preparation for it.  The behind the scenes are constantly moving and rearranging things to line up with your destiny.  Let go of your control over how it’s going to be done and allow yourself to be guided by circumstances without having expectations.

The dream is not necessarily for you, but it’s for all the lives that you will touch through your service.  The world needs your piece of the puzzle in order for others to be lifted.  The world needs you just as much, as you want your dream to manifest.  Your contribution plays an intricate part in the whole of everything.  Sit back, allow, evolve, plant and wait, It’s Coming!  Stay in the core of your spirit and know that the struggle is not your reality, it’s aligning you with the perfect situation for your dream to unfold.

Monday, November 10, 2014

When is it okay to let go?

God gives us the good things and we never want them to end.  But they must, in order for change to occur for the newness of something else to manifest.  To be the new excitement, joy and learning experience we need.  We can’t stay stuck on repeat; we have to elevate to grow.  Our soul is the basis for all of this.  It’s the treasure box that allows us to take back to God what we’ve learned and how we have grown. Life isn’t just about pure survival it’s for the elevation of the soul.

Monday, August 18, 2014

What Does Your Soul Say?

There are periods in our lives when we go through repeated chaos, calamities, persecution and various other stressful situations that we can’t guard against or control.  These circumstances are never expected and can wear a soul down.  We all have experienced these times and wonder if we are just bad luck or have had a curse put on our life, or maybe it’s bad Karma.  These and many other things can go through your mind when things won’t stop being chaotic.  It’s easy for anyone to say it will be okay, but inside where you hold your soul what does it say to you?  The soul, our direct link to God and to the things we came here to do, will always guide us unto the way we should go.  The hard part is when your brain is talking and its offering you doubts and worries, what do you do to get it to stop the negative chatter?   You have to be still and get in solitude with yourself if not for a day, as often as you can. Times like these, call for a remembrance of whom our souls are at the core and that all situations are lessons that are steering the soul to a higher plane in experience and wisdom.  It has not come to harm you or kill you, it has come to bless you and move you along to the next chapter of your being.  We don’t always have to suffer in order to learn but when we do, know that you are elevating your soul rapidly, acquiring much needed spiritual gifts and now have become a testimony to help someone else along the way.  Two things we can count on, one is that God will never leave us alone and the other, this too shall pass.  Life is about movement and nothing can remain the same, if it did then we would not progress. We were once children and now we’ve progressed into adults.  Your soul will tell you the outcome by the peace you feel despite the chaos.  If you focus on trying to maintain that peace your body and mind will get used to it and after awhile you will be able to walk in it.  That peace is blessed assurance that you have already made it to the finish line…as a winner. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It Is Time To Remember Who You Are

There is something extraordinary going on in the universe.  People are being called to remember who they are.  With that we are required to search our souls, question why we are here and then begin the mission to answer those questions.  For me it all started with my ancestors and wanting to learn about them.  It was as if I suddenly connected with my 4th generation Grandmother Patience Tobin, born in 1840. My spirit connected with hers and I was privy to so much knowledge in regards to where she lived, her husband her children, what she looked like and how much she adored me.  I believe that is when I knew that spirit was really real and I had one.   

I started this quest in 1999 and soon after, discovered Gary Zukav and the Seat of the Soul.  I was drawn to the book and had to purchase it, I wasn’t sure why but I knew it was some type of calling from the book to me.  I read it and understood it in a totally different way than what I was used to with reading a book. The words fed something to me and opened me up to want to learn more.  I then began studying God, numerology, past lives, religion, spiritual gifts, meditation, etc.  I was married with two children and my husband didn’t understand this new found love I had for being a seeker.  He noticed the changes in me and may not have appreciated them because I wasn’t the person he started out with.  I began becoming more empathetic, isolated and I started to pick up on energy rapidly.  I couldn’t explain the physical ailments that started to befall me like hair falling out, insomnia, depression, low energy; just being tired but cannot sleep, picking up on other peoples intentions, receiving knowledge I didn’t have before or have ever studied, wanting to be more internal and ponder on things, as well as becoming the best person I could be, being cognizant of how I treated others and learning how to meditate and quiet the mind. 

After all these years I now have learned what all of this was about.  I learned that I am a Lightworker, Empath and Master Teacher.  I’ve been through all types of suffering and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because with all of that brought increased spiritual gifts like being able to center myself when things get chaotic, being able to help others feel better by sharing my energy and wisdom, meditating and sending light where healing is needed, using my energy to transmute negative energy and lift others up, so the heart can be their guide.  I am currently learning how not to get drained doing all of this work which can be with total strangers, friends, family, let’s just say humanity.  Anyone that I encounter I know when to open myself up and do what I came here to do.  I say open because the empath is there to listen and feel when needed, the lightworker makes the person or situation easier to handle with using light body energy and the master teacher gives the spiritual nuggets to aide in the journey.  It’s all making sense now and coming together and recently I became an ordained spiritual counselor.  I am waking up by leaps and bounds and learning so much about the spirit and how it works.  In the last two years I have met my Twin Flame and so the journey continues…………………

Before you ask Father for another blessing, healing, prosperity or relationship....Consider how God feels 🎶