About Core of Your Spirit

"If you don’t know where you are going every road will lead you there" Anonymous  

Get in touch with your purpose and build your life around the essence that is you.  Living through the core of your spirit will allow for your true life to emerge.  Know the power of your soul and remove the barriers from having a fulfilling life.....Core of Your Spirit is designed to aid the client in self love and reconciling with their soul in order to live their best life. 

Spiritual Counseling

Soul & Clairsentient Readings

 Life Purpose Report Preparation

Life Skills and Coaching

Public Speaking Engagements

Resource Materials

Individual and Group Sessions

Value the you in you, by remembering yourself.  The world changes when you begin to bring your life in alignment with who you were created to be. Each client will benefit from life changing techniques that encourage and remind them of their essence.  Core of Your Spirit brings about long-term changes with private and community based agencies, domestic violence shelters and spirit based organizations.  


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