Numerology The Science of YOU!

What is Numerology and how it can benefit you?

Numerology is a way to understand your destiny in a positive way; it uses your personal information, to determine why you were born.
Numerology is one of the predictive sciences. There are many benefits of numerology. Its key benefits are to know your strengths and weaknesses,
how you can best accomplish your destiny, power your name to positive energy, create positive environments around you, gain good health and wealth,
combat negative energy, improve your career and growth prospects, find appropriate solutions to live your best life knowing your soul on all levels of your
professional and personal life.

Core of Your Spirit prepares numerology reports that are tailored to the individual soul. Clients are empowered to live on purpose by utilizing their core strengths that serve as a road map to a successful life.  

What numbers are in your chart?

The Life Path Number, this describes the path your life must take in order for you to live your life purpose.

The Soul Urge Number, this number represents what you need in order for your soul to be happy. This is the way you feel inside.

The Personality Number, this number represents what you show to the world, the mask you wear.

The Expression Number, this number reveals the talents, abilities and shortcomings you hold in this lifetime.

The Heart’s Desire Number, this number reveals what you really want in life.

The Birthday Number, this number describes the way others see you.

The Attitude Number, describes your general attitude. 

The Power Name Number, this number represents the "power" your name holds.

The Personal Year Number, represents what your current year will focus on.

Receive your personalized numerology report within 24 hours of ordering on-line for only $40.00

Order your personalized report on-line with

Fill out the question form on the contact us tab include your full name at birth, the current name you use and date of birth. 

Example: Melissa Lee Carver/Lissa Carver Wright June 25, 1968

Client Testimonials 

L. Smith
  • I completely and deeply love and accept myself no matter what!! Awaken the Goddess within.
K. Barnes
  • Wow, I totally resonate with my report and it has encouraged me to follow the things that enrich my life.


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