That's Not Your Reality

You have a dream, but you don’t know how it’s going to manifest.  You are sure that your soul spoke it to you, you see it, you feel it, but where is it?  When you look at your surroundings and your daily grind to provide for yourself as well as your family your reality says put it on hold.  You know that you can’t leave your only source of income, whether it’s a job or a hustle, how could you afford to live if you pursued this dream.  Silly you, thinking about something “BIG” while your current existence resonates how are you going to get there? Hum, you could get a loan, grant or borrow from family.  So, you decide to try all three and lo and behold none of them fall through.   So now what?  Time goes on and you find your dream becoming more and more elusive, due to stagnant steps and life. 

Scenarios like this occur in the lives of those who know there is more and decide to answer the call. Everything that you try works against you and all that you are trying to create and accomplish.  Frustration and hopelessness can be a familiar feeling and that only seems to cloud and suppress the dream.  Could it be possibly that the dream is set for a particular time or place?  Yes, that may be it and now what?  In all of this you are certainly learning patience, and you hear that patience is good.  To wait is one of the hardest things because you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place.  Believe it or not, the waiting is the best period because at that time you are planting seeds, gaining knowledge, obtaining wisdom and gathering the life skills that you need to sustain you while implanted in your destiny.  You will meet all kinds of people along the way that God will use to make you better, never bitter.  These encounters can be lifelong connections or chance meetings that add to the journey and final destination.  

When God allows thing to be delayed, it’s never a no to the dream, it doesn’t abort or is given to someone else.  These times serve as the building blocks within the entire scheme of things.  The dream may not unfold or happen the way you think it should, it can come during chaos or when you have nothing in the pot to attain it.  Trust the stagnation and utilize your soul in everything.  Allow your soul to keep you at peace when you are anxious, take the necessary steps daily to bring you closer to the dream and  remember that you already see and feel it, rest in the fact that it’s here already you are just in preparation for it.  The behind the scenes are constantly moving and rearranging things to line up with your destiny.  Let go of your control over how it’s going to be done and allow yourself to be guided by circumstances without having expectations.

The dream is not necessarily for you, but it’s for all the lives that you will touch through your service.  The world needs your piece of the puzzle in order for others to be lifted.  The world needs you just as much, as you want your dream to manifest.  Your contribution plays an intricate part in the whole of everything.  Sit back, allow, evolve, plant and wait, It’s Coming!  Stay in the core of your spirit and know that the struggle is not your reality, it’s aligning you with the perfect situation for your dream to unfold.


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