What Does Your Soul Say?

There are periods in our lives when we go through trauma, calamities, persecution and various other stressful situations that we can’t guard against or control.  These circumstances are never expected and can wear a soul down.  We all have experienced these times and wonder if we are just bad luck or have had a curse put on our life, or maybe it’s bad Karma.  These and many other things can go through your mind when things won’t stop being chaotic.  It’s easy for anyone to say it will be okay, but inside where you hold your soul what does it say to you?  The soul, our direct link to God and to the things we came here to do, will always guide us unto the way we should go.  The hard part is when your brain is talking and its offering you doubts and worries, what do you do to get it to stop the negative chatter?   You have to be still and get in solitude with yourself if not for a day, as often as you can. Times like these, call for a remembrance of whom our souls are at the core and that all situations are lessons that are steering the soul to a higher plane in experience and wisdom.  It has not come to harm you or kill you, it has come to bless you and move you along to the next chapter of your being.  We don’t always have to suffer in order to learn but when we do, know that you are elevating your soul rapidly, acquiring much needed spiritual gifts and now have become a testimony to help someone else along the way.  Two things we can count on, one is that God will never leave us alone and the other, this too shall pass.  Life is about movement and nothing can remain the same, if it did then we would not progress. We were once children and now we’ve progressed into adults.  Your soul will tell you the outcome by the peace you feel despite the chaos.  If you focus on trying to maintain that peace your body and mind will get used to it and after awhile you will be able to walk in it.  That peace is blessed assurance that you have already made it to the finish line…as a winner. 


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