Life is not just for Living, Pure Pleasure & Survival..You All are Present with a Life Purpose & 2 Life Themes..Your Life Purpose & Life Themes are chosen by you before you incarnate & they are the deciding factor in whether you have ascended away from flaws in your personality...such as..Jealousy, Greed, Bigotry, Insecurity & Hostility.

As you are incarnated you are to use your Soul to guide you... so that you know when you are being called to contribute your natural benefit someone else or provide for your livelihood.  Your natural talents offer balance to the world. Use the wisdom that you have attained through many incarnations to aid you when your personality tries to override. Follow your individual Soul Blue Print without the distraction of other's choosing and trust your Soul even with a well laid out plan and prayer.

This is what Ascension is the concept that grew through the reincarnation of Spirits from Heaven.... incarnated in the world... equipped with a Life Purpose & 2 Life Themes...working to be better... than the last time around.


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