What is Joy?

The essence of Joy starts in the soul; it is something that every human being carries within them.  It can’t be made or created, it just is.  It is a deeper appreciation for life and is not affected by what is going on around you.  It is an inherent feeling that all is well.  You can’t use happiness as a gauge to measure joy, because the circumstances haven’t changed but you are not bothered internally.  That is what joy is, it’s nothing we have to pull up or make happen that is the beauty of it.  Joy is a soul gift that we are given in order to maintain in life.  Things are going to happen but if you carry joy in your soul, you will let go of circumstances quicker. Your feelings will not be ruled by your emotions, that is when you know that joy has taken over.  Your joy is strengthened by positive thoughts and when you continue to be positive about any circumstance, looking at the bright side of things this activates and strengthens your soul gift of joy.  Joy encourages you to live life with an open heart and when you are walking with an open heart you are bound to make positive changes in your life and environment.  Joy will have you bust out in a song for no apparent reason or wake with a song in your heart.  Having joy opens you up to wanting to make the world a better place because you see the beauty in it all.  Keep those positive thoughts flowing and remain optimistic so that you can strengthen the soul gift of joy. With that all the people you encounter will be touched by your measure of joy.  Now that’s a cool gift!


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