It Is Time To Remember Who You Are

There is something extraordinary going on in the universe.  People are being called to remember who they are.  With that we are required to search our souls, question why we are here and then begin the mission to answer those questions.  For me it all started with my ancestors and wanting to learn about them.  It was as if I suddenly connected with my 4th generation Grandmother Patience Tobin, born in 1840. My spirit connected with hers and I was privy to so much knowledge in regards to where she lived, her husband her children, what she looked like and how much she adored me.  I believe that is when I knew that spirit was really real and I had one.   

I started this quest in 1999 and soon after, discovered Gary Zukav and the Seat of the Soul.  I was drawn to the book and had to purchase it, I wasn’t sure why but I knew it was some type of calling from the book to me.  I read it and understood it in a totally different way than what I was used to with reading a book. The words fed something to me and opened me up to want to learn more.  I then began studying God, numerology, past lives, religion, spiritual gifts, meditation, etc.  I was married with two children and my husband didn’t understand this new found love I had for being a seeker.  He noticed the changes in me and may not have appreciated them because I wasn’t the person he started out with.  I began becoming more empathetic, isolated and I started to pick up on energy rapidly.  I couldn’t explain the physical ailments that started to befall me like hair falling out, insomnia, depression, low energy; just being tired but cannot sleep, picking up on other peoples intentions, receiving knowledge I didn’t have before or have ever studied, wanting to be more internal and ponder on things, as well as becoming the best person I could be, being cognizant of how I treated others and learning how to meditate and quiet the mind. 

After all these years I now have learned what all of this was about.  I learned that I am a Lightworker, Empath and Master Teacher.  I’ve been through all types of suffering and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because with all of that brought increased spiritual gifts like being able to center myself when things get chaotic, being able to help others feel better by sharing my energy and wisdom, meditating and sending light where healing is needed, using my energy to transmute negative energy and lift others up, so the heart can be their guide.  I am currently learning how not to get drained doing all of this work which can be with total strangers, friends, family, let’s just say humanity.  Anyone that I encounter I know when to open myself up and do what I came here to do.  I say open because the empath is there to listen and feel when needed, the lightworker makes the person or situation easier to handle with using light body energy and the master teacher gives the spiritual nuggets to aide in the journey.  It’s all making sense now and coming together and recently I became an ordained Spiritual Counselor.  I am waking up by leaps and bounds and learning so much about the spirit and how it the journey continues.


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