Illuminati Fanaticism

So is the present day Illuminati real or not, in the way that it’s been popularized? No it’s not, it’s a false belief made up by people spreading propaganda. The myth of Illuminati has been promoted for almost thirty years and imagines a secret society or the “Elite” approaching a person seeking fame, fortune or power and agrees to grant them their request. The catch is, they must sell their soul to the Illuminati; in agreement they are bound to keep the organizations “secret”  and have personal involvement in sacrificial rituals. If the “secret is revealed then expect to be murdered. Many celebrities have been alleged to have joined Illuminati or have been accused of sacrificing family members for fame and fortune and having secret codes that demonstrate solidarity to the Illuminati. For instance, the hand gesture with the index and thumb making a circle and three fingers up, used to mean “ok” but now, has evolved into placing the circle on top of the eye. The Roc-A-Fella hand gesture, the tips of two thumbs and index finger shaped like a pyramid, is now believed to be the triangle of Satan and their are more visuals created to go along with the myth.   

Illuminati went from those who were seeking enlightenment and given the task of sharing their wisdom about spirituality,  to a vivid imagination that is coupled with naive judgment and jealousy. This has made the masses create and promulgate tales of the evil influences of the illusive Illuminati, failing to mention if they personally have had an encounter with Illuminati. A mass number of people actually believe the Illuminati is able to influence situations and the solid proof is nonexistent about this propaganda, yet everyone is a believer in a “demonic” organization that uses hand gestures as a secret code, approaches a person randomly with an invitation, will murder those who decline the invitation, can purchase souls, has the ability to make the masses love an entertainers artistry, has ritualistic sacrificing of associates and relatives, worships an Angel...Lucifer and promises to murder the soul seller, if the secret is revealed. Then their are those that create pseudo organizations to mimic the tone of Illuminati, hopefully their intentions are to promote goodness in the world and focus on becoming enlightened about the history of Spirit. None of us have observed the benefits of joining the Illuminati, for instance due to the influence of Illuminati, we witness a legal verdict overturned that works in favor of the member.

It’s time for all to really search within themselves and ponder on some deep questions. I say deep, because everyone stayed on the surface and didn’t use their individual discernment and check their self valuation to ask themselves significant questions, where is my soul at and how could someone take it out, whether I’m living or dead? what is God going to do if my soul is missing?  I asked the question, “If the hand gesture is done….what happens spiritually?” “does the hand sign give supernatural powers?” If they can remove a soul, without knowing where it is and how to remove it, then they must be some highly powerful, fleshly, walking people. Science hasn’t spoke of a soul transfer or soul removal machine, no one has announced the invention of any such device. Souls cannot be transferred through semen, only DNA can.

What is not felt by the masses is, God is the only one that can remove a soul from within the spirit. God is the only creative genius that can form a baby in the wound, give a personality and soul to everyone and pull your spirit back to Heaven at death. A soul can’t be removed by a mere person, people don’t have that kind of ability or power.  If people had the power to give fame and fortune, they would misuse it as soon as you become uncooperative or do something they don’t like. God in Heaven is precise, he has made it impossible to clone an individual. The soul is placed behind the heart within the spirit, you can open a physical body from front to back and never reach the spirit form. If someone tried to remove the soul from the spirit they wouldn’t be able to see it with their eyes or know what it looks like.  No one is capable of removing a soul.

Entertainers find the stories ridiculous and probably ask, “why do they watch me or buy my music, if I’m demonic?” I’m sure, If someone directly asked them about the meaning of the hand gestures, they would tell them.  People…..stop giving the propaganda that’s fed to you so much merit and life. Observe the behaviors of fanaticism over people who have a role in life. They are spreading horrible rumors about people just like you, who sleep and eat just like you. If you as an individual, believe in the Illuminati myth then you are perpetuating a lie that is counterproductive to your own wisdom and intuitiveness. Like in all things, use your soul to discern what’s truth and what is myth.


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