Over the course of world history there has been an ongoing discussion about the many curiosities of Heaven. Most ask... What does Heaven look like? Who gets to go to Heaven? Is Jesus in Heaven sitting on the right hand side of God? Religious teachings and books of scripture all have varying opinions, one religion may believe, Heaven has streets of gold, another religion may believe it is a paradise with breathtaking landscape. Heaven is home to all people that have been created, it is where your Spirit is pulled to when your flesh dies out of the world. Here are some facts about Heaven that will be able to enlighten you on the business of Heaven, why it exists and how it is in present day.

  • There were seven levels of Heaven. 1st level is the Akashic Records Hall, where all of your life experiences are recorded. 2nd level to 6th level are for all spirits that have crossed into Heaven. 7th level is Completion for the most ascended spirits, that is where God is, the Hierarchy of Heaven, Spirit Guide, Lord, Goddess and Ascended Master.

  • 2nd level and 3rd level are now closed. It was used for less (ascended) mature spirits, that have not risen to a higher level, after many incarnations. No one can return to 2nd level and 3rd level, due to it not existing any longer.

  • Spirits in Heaven look like a puff of smoke. They do not have a body, they do not have form. They have eyes, but no mouth and they speak with their thoughts. Spirits are able to orb up (clear/white bubble) while in the world visiting.

  • Jesus Christ is not in Heaven. God was Jesus incarnate, meaning God spirit was born in the world through Mary. God was Jesus, they are one spirit. Jesus was the flesh, God was the spirit.

  • Angels are translucent and are flying in the sky daily, if you look up on a clear day, you will see there is no visible aircraft flying, but something clear, leaving a thin trail of smoke.

  • There is no religion in Heaven. Not one religion is in Heaven.

  • Every spirit in Heaven is an Empath so they clearly understand each others intentions.

  • Many of the mass murderers and serial killers are no longer in Heaven, they have been annihilated.

  • Every person in the world is from Heaven. You leave Heaven for an incarnation of growth and return to Heaven when you die.

  • God’s word for dying is crossing over. God does not use the word die.

  • Heaven is not in the sky. Heaven is to the left and it’s around you.

  • Spirits in Heaven work alongside the Hierarchy of Heaven to make things manifest and run in the world.
It takes many lifetimes to rise to a higher level, it is never just one lifetime that can ascend you to a higher level. Your work in the world, is in correlation to your many lifetimes of lessons and experience, they promote your ascension to a higher level. The concept is, when you cross over into Heaven you are supposed to be better in all aspects of your soul and personality in order to rise to a higher level. Leave Heaven as a 4th level Spirit, return finally have accomplished ascending into a 5th level Spirit more experienced, healed of flawed behaviors and trauma incurred in your lifetimes. The intent of incarnation is to grow past all of the negatives and learn new creative gifts, returning to Heaven much wiser and useful.

Meditate and remove any thing you were taught, find out your own personal spiritual history in Heaven, by utilizing your soul memories to remember the place you come from.


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