All Spirits are allowed to experience in the world through Reincarnation, to become better in the Soul and Personality. You were born (incarnated) into the world to live out a purpose and plan filled with lessons and tests. You should be navigating through those experiences and lessons, with integrity and selflessness, so that your soul and personality can ascend (mature).  

When you “die” you return to Heaven,  you earn the privilege to rise to a higher level (ascend) due to growing into maturity and the shedding off of bad tendencies, like phobias, bigotry, malevolent behavior and other character flaws that hinder you or any other from advancing in life.  You are a Spirit...You ARE NOT Black, White, Asian, Christian, Catholic, Hindu.  You are translucent (see-through) underneath the flesh and their is no religion in Heaven. You were created with a soul and personality, your soul is behind your heart within your spirit. The purpose of maturing in soul and personality is beneficial to Your Spirit, I God, Hierarchy of Heaven and Fellow Spirits.  Pure survival in the world is useless and you all have forgotten, that you return repeatedly and experience different ethnicities, races, economic classes, countries, genders and religions. You are not who you are right now. You have been many different “persons” while incarnated in the world through many lifetimes. You come from Heaven and will return to Heaven.

You All act as if you were allowed into the world to just "live your life,"  through “free-will.”  I God Creator of All want to inform you, that is not what you are alive for, you have tainted your “free-will” and have not ascended in a beneficial way.  The world is consumed with selfishness, hostility, greed, jealousy, superficiality, racism, etc.  In present day, I have not seen anything of worthiness created. Quality in artistry is secondary and has declined,  business dealings are filled with lust and greed, churches will not aid the under-served population, they just want tithes to maintain their lifestyle. Inventions have been filled with impartiality and greed; as the IPhone is useless, if only the rich can afford it. Creations that allow mass consumption are innovative and pleasing, electricity gives light to the world, cures for terminal illnesses extends the lifetime of many,  amicable ways to work together without jealousy and oppression, ensures all are safe and provided for.  Many Spirits are returning to Heaven traumatized by homelessness, government systems, murder, enslavement, political corruption, abuse, poverty, etc.  All injustices and maltreatment are brought about by you All …...You do this to each other. -

Lucifer/Satan is NO MORE. The Angel who turned against me, has been annihilated to nothingness.  Blame can no longer be shifted; you are responsible for your behaviors and actions that are displayed while in the world. You are responsible for how you treat All Spirits that you are experiencing this lifetime with. You ALL have become filled with love life, money, career, politics, insecurities, book knowledge, appearance, religion, etc. Harming another Spirit to ensure your survival arises in your daily encounters and I God Creator of All... want you... All to know I see how you treat each other; in Heaven and the World.  While in Heaven you claim, unity and in “life” you use the world as your place of personal retribution towards a Spirit you were displeased with while you both were in Heaven. I command, that it all STOPS NOW.  I will no longer allow reincarnation for all Spirits.  The world is not a place for Spirits to get their “pay back,”  you will no longer come into the world and do nothing, as you are comfortable in your daily routines and become stagnant in life.  What can I gain from you doing NOTHING and HURTING each other?

Your job is to live out your life plan and aid your fellow Spirit.  You must use your soul and be better in your decisions, compassion and intentions while living in the world. Change those underlying behaviors that increase tension and strife for yourself and others.  You must create and work in harmony with those you are assigned to.  Use your soul as your guide.  Stay out of your head, always thinking and judging.  Believe in more than what your two eyes see.  Spirits will not be able to “fix it” when they “die” and return to Heaven, you must be better NOW while living and breathing in present day. If you fail to change and do not become better in your deeds, thoughts and actions, then understand you have made the decision. You will NOT be included in the bigger picture. Understand....NO MORE REINCARNATION… it was never my plan to leave MY WORLD as it is.  I AM Supernatural,  I parted the Red Sea and CANNOT be minimized.

I God Creator of All, My Beloved Daughter, My Beloved Son are Unified. We are One. Trust and know, that as God we are actively removing and shifting all darkness and will heal ALL ills of the world.  The world as you know it, will be renewed.  All will benefit from the changes and occurrences.



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